Weekly Patch Notes: 01-27-2019

Posted on: January 28 2019, 5:31:39 UTC | By: Kaykao

New Site Functions

We are pleased to introduce a coveted feature! Two new gif pelts have been uploaded to the Reflection Pool: Galactic and Sunspot. These animated pelts will be quite rare amongst the Feranix feline population. These mystical cats are the products of mingling with divine deities. Expect to see more in the upcoming weeks in all sorts of colors and themes, including some that look a little more natural for you natural cat lovers.

Please Note: All Feranix .gifs conform strictly to WCAG guidelines regarding coloration and flashing. All of our .gif images are rendered at 8 frames and play at 8 frames per second. They are limited to no more than two flashes per second, preferably one. An option will be added to user profiles soon to disable .gif images on the site. Enabling this option will force the gif to return only the first frame of the image in question.

In-Progress Features

Linked Accounts: Users with multiple accounts will be able to choose between accounts via a drop-down list in the sidebar rather than logging out and logging back in.

New Cat Art

  • New Pelt: Galactic (animated) with animated mane
  • New Pelt: Sunspot (animated) with animated mane
  • New Pelt: Nightfire with mane
  • New Pelt: Sirius with mane
  • New Marking: Cheetah
  • New Marking: Side Stripe
  • New Marking: Ear Rims
  • New Marking: Roan

New Site Art

  • New Background: Blue Moon
  • New Background: Electric Skies
  • New Background: Harvest Moon
  • New Background: Tempestuous Skies

Art Fixes, Patches, Updates

  • Eye shine added to all cats to fix dead-eyed look.
  • Updates to the lineart for the Smilodon cub to address line transparency issues on the belly and tail.
  • Updates to the lineart for the Smilodon adolescent female to address transparency issues in the pupils.
  • A CERTAIN CODER edited the "Bone" pelt with interesting results. The actual "Bone" pelt has been restored, as has its accompanying mane.
  • Rework to the Jade pelt to address transparency issues.
  • Bleed fix to the Powdered marking.
  • Bleed fix to the Inversion marking.
  • Bleed fix to the Lower Fade marking.
  • Bleed fix and general smoothing to the Painted Body marking.
  • Bleed fix to the Savannah marking.
  • Tidied the edges of the Flare marking.
  • Tidied the edges of the Upper Ring marking and general smoothing.
  • Tidied the edges of the Feline Face 1 Marking.

Coding Fixes, Patches, Updates

  • Deleting an art asset on the server did not properly delete the asset from the database. This has been fixed; when an asset is deleted from the server, it is deleted from the database.
  • Multiple fixes to administrative tools and functions.
  • Deleted saved cats no longer eat server space.
  • You can now upload avatars smaller than 250 x 250 px. No more chungus tags.
  • There was a sneaky exploit you could use to view someone's saved cats even when they were private. This has been removed.
  • The reflection pool randomizer would sometimes generate a marking with 0% opacity. This should no longer happen.
  • Markings in the reflection pool can now be reordered by dragging and dropping them using the button on the right-hand side of the row.
  • There's now a color guide at the bottom of the reflection pool page.

Reflection Pool Launch

Posted on: January 21 2019, 3:11:42 UTC | By: Ranjit
Last edited on: January 21 2019, 3:48:27 UTC | By: Alex

Welcome to the very first demo build of Feranix!


It's been a long year, but the Development Team is excited to announce the launch of our Reflection Pool Demo. We're launching with all age stages of the Smilodon, over 100 pelts, over 60 markings, and a heaping ton of eye, paw, and nose colors! Every marking is available in all 100+ pelt colors, so have fun designing cats!


Everyone can access the Reflection Pool. However, account holders have additional site functionality already. If you previously purchased an alpha account, please check your email address for your Alpha Code. This code will let you claim your account! 


Your account number should match the number you requested when purchasing your account. 


Account owners are already able to save cat designs. When our Hunting and Exploration demos launch, account holders will be able to play with those functions as well!


If you have questions about your Alpha account or have not yet received your code, please send an email to support@feranixsim.com.


Please be aware that we are no longer flat-selling alpha accounts. If you would like an account before Closed Alpha, please consider supporting Feranix on Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/feranixsim.


Next on the agenda: Cave Lions and Exploration! Our amazing artists will be porting all of our beautiful cat artwork to the Cave Lion species next. Expect to see them slinking into the Reflection Pool for our next big update. 


A large portion of the art team is churning out Exploration artwork at well, so that feature is progressing according to schedule.


Last, but certainly not least, we want to thank all of our wonderful supporters. We wouldn't be anywhere without you guys.

A smilodon cub's smiling reflection in glowing water, with the words "Reflection Pool" superimposed.