Feranix Patch Notes: 06 - 30 - 2019

Posted on: June 30 2019, 8:42:18 UTC | By: Finners
Last edited on: June 30 2019, 8:43:01 UTC | By: Finners


Though this is coming a little later than we'd have liked, Happy Pride, everyone! As I'm sure many of you know, Feranix has a number of dev team members who are members of the LGBT+ community and Pride is something that means a lot to each and every one of us. Last year, we did the Pride cats, this year, we have done something that you guys can actually use: Backgrounds! Our artists have worked together and produced a few beautiful backgrounds to show our Pride! They include:

  • Rainbow Pride
  • Proud Skies
  • Proud Lights
  • Forest Glow
  • Frozen Sunset

We had planned to have a couple more and since those are in progress behind the scenes, they might come on next month's Patch! In the meantime, we hope you guys enjoy these! Our artists worked really hard on them. Let us know your favorite!

In-Progress Features

Layout Changes: The entire team is working on coming up with a new layout. The current one will be reverting back to our "original" layout soon, as well, until a new one is completed! If there's anything you'd like to see for the layout, please drop it in the appropriate suggestions channel below! We'd love to hear your ideas.

New Header: Kaen will be working on a brand new, gorgeous header image for Feranix! I'm personally super excited for it because I designed it! Go me, lol. 

Messaging, Inventory, Profiles: All three of those things are in progress behind the scenes as well and we're hoping to be able to roll one of them out for next month's patch.

Breeding: We will be updating breeding over the next couple of months as well.

Explore Update

Explore has kind of been on hold as we work on porting Cave Lions for the Reflection Pool Demo but we're expecting to return to work on Explore in July. Look for new artwork from that on the Patreon soon.

New Cat Art

  • New Pelt: Caribbean
  • New Pelt: Sylvan
  • New Marking: Smoke Spots

New Site Art

  • New Background: Rainbow Pride
  • New Background: Forest Glow
  • New Background: Frozen Sunset
  • New Background: Proud Lights
  • New Background: Proud Skies
  • New Background: Moon Cave Amethyst
  • New Background: Moon Cave Jade
  • New Background: Moon Cave Opal
  • New Background: Moon Cave Rocky
  • New Background: Moonstone Cave
  • New Background: Mushroom Forest
  • New Background: Stone Arches Night

Weekly Patch Notes: 03-03-2019

Posted on: March 4 2019, 3:58:33 UTC | By: Finn

Coding Updates

We're currently coding a huge portion of our site backend for breeding! Our coders are working diligently to push through the intense amount of back-end work required to prepare the site to breed your cats. This means that the site may experience brief periods of downtime through the week. The breeding pool may run a little more slowly than usual. Hang tight, we hope you'll be happy with the upcoming feature updates!

Bug Squashing

As we prepare to unveil a new portion of the site with (we hope) another mid-week patch following some bug-squashing for a few key features, please be aware that new features may come with a few bugs to work out. This is normal and expected! If, in the next week or so, you notice bugs on the site, please send a DM to me, Finn. I'll investigate and, if necessary, get the bug properly assigned for squashing. 

Patreon Overhaul

Patrons rejoice! The Patreon has received some much-needed TLC and a full overhaul. Reward tiers have been updated and enhanced. Check them out at https://www.patreon.com/feranixsim. Over the course of the week, we will be reaching out to our current Patrons to talk to them about the new rewards available in their tier. 

If you're interested in an Alpha Account, they have been moved to the $25 tier on Patreon!

Current Art Project

As stated during the previous patch notes, the arrival of new pelts and markings will be slowing down over the next few weeks as our artists work hard to port our current artwork to Cave Lions. We're currently readying our second species for upload. We're excited to get them integrated soon!

Upcoming Site Artwork

  • Renovated Site Header
  • More Natural Pelts 
  • Horse-Inspired Markings
  • Amethyst Rework

Weekly Patch Notes: 02-17-2019

Posted on: February 18 2019, 2:04:15 UTC | By: Finn

Important Notice

As an extra layer of security for individuals who own accounts, account holders will now be required to validate their e-mail address. We've implemented this feature to prevent users from signing up for an account under an e-mail address belonging to another individual, or an invalid e-mail address.

Current account holders will be presented with a notice requesting that they validate their e-mail address when they attempt to visit their "Profile" page. If you have not already received an e-mail requesting that you validate your e-mail address, just press the "resend" button on the validation notice!

Be sure to check your 'Spam' inbox, especially if you use Gmail.

New Site Features

Linked Accounts are here! Users with multiple accounts can now use a drop-down menu beneath their avatar picture to navigate between their accounts. To link your accounts, visit this page: https://www.feranixsim.com/link-account

This option will be added to Profile pages shortly, but we wanted to give it to you all as soon as it was functionally available.

Coding Updates

Some bugs with password resets and logging out have been fixed! Under no circumstances should either of these actions cause errors any longer.

E-Mails sent from the Feranix domain should arrive almost immediately now. A minor bug that was causing them to lag upon release has been fixed.

Current Coding Project

This upcoming week will hopefully see us much further into Breeding Coding! Once coding on breeding has been completed, we have a super special surprise planned for everyone - not just account holders! Stay tuned. We're very excited to release it and hope you all will love it once its out and available.

Upcoming Coding Project

The conclusion of Breeding Coding hails a new project on the horizon. Inventories for account holders are coming, as well as all the artwork accompanying them. Alpha Account Purchasers and Patrons will receive tokens to keep track of their earned rewards. These tokens will be redeemable upon Open Beta.

New Cat Art

  • New Pelt: Balsam
  • New Pelt: Green Carnation
  • New Pelt: Violet
  • New Pelt: Wheat

Current Art Project

You might notice, over the course of the next few weeks, that the arrival of new pelts and markings slows down. That's because we're in the midst of porting all of our current pelts and markings to Cave Lions! We're currently readying our second species for upload, which we hope delights you all as much as it does us!

Upcoming Site Artwork

  • Renovated Site Header
  • More Natural Pelts
  • Horse-Inspired Markings
  • Amethyst Rework

Weekly Patch Notes: 02-10-2019

Posted on: February 11 2019, 3:44:10 UTC | By: Finn

In-Progress Features

The base coding for breeding is nearly finished! On this front, we're working on a super secret project that we think you'll all enjoy.

Linked Accounts: Users with multiple accounts will be able to choose between accounts via a drop-down list in the sidebar rather than logging out and logging back in.

Further Out

Our upcoming coding project is inventories. Players with accounts will be able to use their inventory to keep track of reward tokens, which will be redeemable upon open beta.

Site Improvements

We've completed a massive move to a brand new server on DigitalOcean, which comes highly recommended in conjugation with our framework of choice, Laravel. Increased performance and stability, as well as faster updates and progress, are expected.

New Cat Art

  • New Pelt: Dirus
  • New Pelt: Ink
  • New Pelt: Russet
  • New Pelt: Lapis
  • New Marking: Blush
  • New Marking: Body Fade Back
  • New Marking: Body Fade Bottom
  • New Marking: Body Fade Front
  • New Marking: Body Fade Top
  • New Marking: Chin Spot
  • New Marking: Chin Stripe
  • New Marking: Ear Backs
  • New Marking: Eyebrows
  • New Marking: Eyeliner
  • New Marking: Tail
  • New Marking: Tail Tip

New Site Art

  • New Background: Lavender Snows
  • New Background: Snowy Plateau
  • New Background: Stormy Cliffs
  • New Background: Stormy Cliffs (Lightning)

Upcoming Site Art

  • Renovated Header
  • More Natural Pelts
  • More Markings (Horse-Inspired)
  • Amethyst Pelt Rework

Weekly Patch Notes: 02-03-2019

Posted on: February 4 2019, 4:41:53 UTC | By: Finn

New Site Features

An option to stop animated content from playing has been added to user profiles. Enabling this option will still allow you to see animated content, but you will only see the first frame of animation as a still image.

In-Progress Features

Linked Accounts: Users with multiple accounts will be able to choose between accounts via a drop-down list in the sidebar rather than logging out and logging back in.

Site Improvements

Fixed a weird bug where only the first frame of an animated cat was saving. 

All current saved cats have been updated to have eyeshine applied to them.

The database of marking colors has been changed to be more robust in preparation for mass future uploads as species are added to the database. Markings (and the pool in general) now load faster.

The Reflection Pool Javascript has been tidied and made faster in preparation for larger upcoming projects. The page should no longer freeze when the randomize button is clicked.

New Cat Art

  • New Pelt: Abyssal
  • New Pelt: Lapis
  • New Marking: Cheetah Mask
  • New Marking: Cheetah Tears
  • New Marking: Panda
  • New Marking: River Ripple
  • New Markings: Fissures 1 & 2

New Site Art

  • New Background: Eclipse Green
  • New Background: Eclipse Red
  • New Background: Misty Forest
  • New Background: Plains Day
  • New Background: Volcano

Upcoming Site Art

  • Renovated Header
  • More Natural Pelts
  • More Markings

Current Focus

  • Cave Lion Shading in preparation for pelt and marking porting, then uploads
  • Linked Accounts
  • Breeding Coding