• Ranjit (#1)
  • Finnegan (#2)

Development Team
  • Heda (#9)
  • Miss Hades (#3)
  • Kaen (#24)
  • Kirudon (#34)
  • Akelia (#10)
  • NeptuneNebula (#4)
  • Rubyz (#45)
  • Dracula (#99)
  • TypicalCoyote (#91)

Coding Team
  • LorienDarenya (#46)
  • Cayda (#115)
  • Kashka (#2243)

Artwork Credit
  • Original smilodon and cave lion lineart done by Nameria
  • Cheetah lineart and shading done by Kaen
  • Lineart shading and details for cave lions and smilodons completed by Kaen, Alex, Miss Hades, and Dracula
  • Pelts, eyes, markings, and other cat detailing were done by all members of the Feranix Art team
  • Backgrounds were completed by Akelia, Kaen, and Rubyz
  • Cubs on the Coming Soon Pages completed by Akelia

Special Thanks
  • Nameria, Kaykao, Reaper, and Alex for their tireless assistance to the Feranix Development Team during their time with us
  • Nyanunix and Typhon for the original idea and being part of the original development team
  • Mew and Cin for being part of the original development team
  • Our beloved coders for their contributions and service to the coding of Feranix
  • Adamantine and Typhon for their aid in moderating the public server
  • All Patrons, for their aid and support
  • All alphas, for their aid and support
  • All members of the Feranix community, be it from the media pages or the public Discord server!